Vapor Flask v 2.1 + DNA 40 = a winning combination.

First Impressions

I was fortunate enough to get a gunmetal grey Vapor Flask v 2.1 with the DNA 40 board.   I am loving it.  The joys of high wattage without ever having to worry about burning my cotton wick.  You have to use a coil made of nickel wire instead of kanthal wire, for the temperature sensing to work and limit the coil’s temperature.  You also have the protection of an electronic advanced personal vaporizer over the numerous calculations you have to perform when you use a mechanical MOD.   The device is not inexpensive at $299.  There are other devices with a DNA40 that are less expensive.

I love the shape, the feel, the fit and the finish, on my Vapor Flask v2.1.
Overall a 10 of 10.

Oddity at Vaperevolution

Monday afternoon around 2PM PDT on October 21, 2013 I visited the Vaperevolution store in Cerritos to buy the diamond knurled edition of the King MOD by Surefire. I told the concierge exactly what I was looking for. One of the gentlemen working nearby overhead that I was interested in the King and had the young lady working the concierge station call back to “Pete” on the radio, so he would know what I was interested in purchasing a King of the diamond cut knurled variety. He promptly came to the counter and told me that there were none available for purchase, when I had seen them available on the web site 10 minutes prior to arriving at the store. Ok, I thought, maybe the last one was purchased on their web site just before I got to the store. I went home a bit disenchanted. I got home at about 8 pm PST from my class at Long Beach City College. I checked the Vaperevolution web site. The King diamond cut knurled I wanted, showed in stock on the web site. I even ordered one via the web site just a few minutes ago.

The problem with that is, why would you have an item available for purchase on your web site and not available for purchase from your ONLY brick and mortar store?!?! The overhead of the store in Cerritos far exceeds the overhead of your web site. It would make sense to treat your walk in customer BETTER than your web site customer for that reason alone. Not that either type of customer should ever be treated poorly.

I am not pleased that I could order what I wanted on the web site, but could not pick one up in the store. Vaperevoltion needs to step up a bit. I would understand if that were reversed. You need product to sell in your brick and mortar store to keep the doors open, as your physical store requires a considerable amount more to operate, than a web site costs to operate, if you had products in the store that were not in stock via your web site, it might make business sense. The opposite is foolhardy. It makes me skip the trip to their store and order from someone else’s web site instead.

I hope your experience with them is more enjoyable than mine was.